Hear from both parents and experts on how Baby Stay Asleep aids in keeping babies with colic and reflux asleep:

As a pediatric physical therapist, I was concerned positioning wedges were taken off the market for infants because they were helpful for babies with torticollis and plagiocephaly. When one of my students showed me the Baby Stay Asleep, I was ecstatic because it allowed the baby safe positioning away from the flat area of the head. Now we are trying it with babies in our outpatient clinic with reported positive feedback from parents. Thank you for providing a needed positioner for a therapeutic reason!  Marybeth Barkocy, PT, DPT


"This is a fabulous sleep system for newborns to sitting up.  I am a credentialed newborn care specialist and I love this system.  Recently I had a small, two baby, test comparing the Baby Stay Asleep System and the Nap Nanny.  I was on a job with twins both who showed early signs of acid reflux at about two weeks.  The problem was when their parents ordered the cribs one was damaged during shipping and was now on back order.   I started using the Baby Stay Asleep System for Baby B and the parents purchased a Nap Nanny for Baby A.  Baby A was showing a much more severe case of acid reflux and was having a harder time sleeping.  I put Baby A in the Nap Nanny because the incline is definite and with the Stay Asleep System I have to make the incline and I wasn't as confident in my abilities to get about 30 degrees.  Baby A's sleeping was better but still had some restlessness and the longest stretch was about 3.5 hours.  I decided to switch Baby A to the Stay Asleep System and Baby B to the Nap Nanny because we were getting the second crib soon and I wanted to see how Baby A was going to do before I ordered another Stay Asleep System.   What a shock Baby A slept 5 hours that night and continued to do much better. Baby B was up in less then four hours and was much more restless the rest of the night. A few days later the second crib came and the parents purchased a second Stay Asleep system. When we put Baby B back in the crib with the Stay Asleep System Baby B went back to sleeping much better right away.  When Baby B was about 3.5 months old we decided that the worst of the acid reflux was over and slowly started lowering the angle of the crib Baby B is now flat and the process didn't interrupt Baby B's wonderful sleeping at all. Baby A is still using the system but at a lower incline.

If you are a fan of swaddling don't despair. I am a firm believer in swaddling babies.  This system works great with the Swaddle Buddy Suit http://www.swaddlebuddy.com/?page_id=31.  It is a swaddle leaving the baby's legs free so the Stay Asleep System wrap can go through the legs to secure the baby.  These two together also allow you to swaddle your baby and be assured that he or she will not flip onto his/her tummy.

I love the fact that it is sturdy and secure and certified to Consumer Product Safety Commission's federal safety standards. As far as I am aware they are the only bumpers that are still allowed.  The system is the only one you need because it adjusts from the small baby to the larger one, you do not need to purchase another part as they grow."

Janinne Gardner, Credentialed Newborn Care Specialist, www.childcaretogo.com

"Both as an RN and Infant Care Specialist for the last 15 years I have worked with hundreds of families with esophageal reflux, respiratory and ear infection issues. Elevation of the head has proven to be a wonderful way to manage care. It can make all of the difference in the quality and length of sleep a newborn can receive.  The biggest problem with the previous products and methods we used was shifting of the material. I found The Baby Stay Asleep an easy and safe way to help manage care in our newborns. I was thrilled to have this resource to share with my families and I highly recommend this product." Sharon -Smooth Transitions 

"As a Baby Nurse/ Newborn Care Specialist, I work with hundreds of families!  I have tried every sleep positioner there is, only to find something wrong with each one I have used. I am so grateful I found the Baby Stay Asleep positioner. It is a very sturdy and secure.  I elevated the crib to a 30* angle and tucked the baby into the product. She was very comfortable in it and stayed in position all night, without complaint!  She slept soundly and 2 hours longer the very first night.  I will be recommending the Baby Stay Asleep to all my families I work with." Desiree, AZ Baby Services

"I am completely satisfied with the "Babystayasleep" sleep positioner!  My lil reflux rebel was moving
all over his crib making it impossible to keep him in the correct position.  We actually decided to
remove the wedge that was holding up his mattress as a last effort and that turned into 3 nights
of screaming because the reflux flared.  After the first night in the babystayasleep product he did great!
We were able to get a 5 hour stretch of sleep!  He has never slept through the night so this was a huge
accomplishment.  He is now on day 5 of sleeping in the positioner and its like second nature to him.
He actually seems to like the snug feeling and falls asleep on his own in about 20 minutes after laying him down. We are very happy with this product and feel like it was a lifesaver for our lil guy!  Thank you so much for recommending the product!" Colleen M. from Phoenix, AZ

"Baby Stay Asleep is really helping to minimize the severity of my baby's reflux. We went from having issues every time we put the baby down to only having mild refluxing 1-2 x per week.  Thank you so much for letting me try this out. I will let you know when we are through with it and will return it for you to show to others.  It really has been a great help. Missy J. from Houston, TX

"The product itself is solid, sturdy, well made and comes with a carry bag – perfect for taking to grandma’s house or on vacation. When my first son was born, he had numerous medical issues. Back then, I propped one end of his crib up with books. The Baby Stay Asleep is clearly more convenient, adjustable and mobile." MommyPerks Blog (click here to read full review)

"Prior to using the BSA my infant spent most of the night gagging, grunting, wiggling, and moaning from reflux. Within two nights of use, he quieted right down and was able to sleep peacefully for the first time!! He actually slept for 6 hours IN A ROW last night!! In addition the BSA gives me peace of mind, knowing that he is positioned safely for a good night sleep." Renee K. from West Newton, MA

"My sister in law loves it for her daughter :)" Kathy P. from VT

"When the doctor told us to raise one side of the crib mattress the first question my husband and I had was how do you keep the baby from sliding down.  Luckily, through word of mouth we found out about The Baby Stay Asleep and we had a safe way to put our baby to sleep at the angle the doctors recommended.  However, there was more to it than that.  After hours of rocking and consoling our daughter to sleep, the last thing we wanted to do was play around with straps and velcro that might wake her up.  With The Baby Stay Asleep all we needed to do was lie her down.  As any parent of a child with severe reflux can tell you, anything great or small that makes your days and nights easier is a God send.  The first time you place your sleeping baby down, you will agree that this is an answer to a prayer.  I would recommend it to anyone."  Katie T. from Quincy, MA

"We absolutely love your product and continue to use it. It is durable, washable, and best of all keeps my reflux baby in place on a very steep incline. This was recommended to me by your aunt at Children's NSMC after my son had an apnea episode from reflux. I am so grateful for that recommendation. Thank you for a great product!" Gina L. from Malden, MA

"My sister is the one that was in need of your wonderful product. I am impressed by the ease of using it, and the results she is getting. From my sister: Finally we are all getting some safe and much needed rest!  It is a fantastic product that let's baby sleep comfortably, and gives parents peace of mind.  Easy to put together, use, and made out of organic cotton it is a delight for the senses!" Mena P, Miami, FL