Frequently Asked Questions


Does the Baby Stay Asleep comply with Federal Safety Standards?

Yes, the Baby Stay Asleep has been tested by a third-party testing laboratory to meet the CPSC Federal Safety Standards under the CPSIA of 2008. For more information on the CPSC go to:

How long can my baby use the Baby Stay Asleep?

Unlike other infant sleep systems, the Baby Stay Asleep is sized such that it can be used until your baby is 8 months old or 20 pounds. You do not need to purchase a new device as your baby grows. Discontinue use once a baby can sit up themselves.

Where can I find bed risers for my baby's crib?

There are many different styles and types of bed risers available for your baby. A wide selection of these risers can be viewed online here.

How high can I raise my baby’s crib?
The Baby Stay Asleep can be used safely up to a 30-degree angle, which is an elevation difference of 15 inches from the head of the crib to the foot of the crib.

How do I wash the Baby Stay Asleep?
Wash with cold water and tumble dry on low. Fasten wrapper and bumpers to the sheet prior to washing.

What is the return policy?
Baby Stay Asleep, LLC will refund orders returned within 15 days of receipt that are returned unopened and unused. Please note, shipping and handling are non-refundable and returned merchandise is subject to a $10 processing fee. Baby Stay Asleep, LLC takes every care in the manufacturing and quality control of this product. In the unlikely event that the product you ordered is damaged or defective, please contact Baby Stay Asleep at 1-603-997-2074 within 15 days of receipt. 

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