Baby Stay Asleep Instructions for Use 

* Read instructions carefully before use. Do not use this product until you have read and understand all directions. Click here to download instructions.

1) Elevate the crib*:

a) You can elevate the crib up to a 30-degree angle. For a standard crib, this is a 15-inch difference from the head of the crib to the foot of the crib.

b) Elevating the head of the crib can be done by using a combination of stackable bed risers and elevation of the mattress. The mattress can be inclined by placing the head of the crib on the highest setting and the foot of the crib on the lowest setting.

2) Prepare the mattress:

a) Place the Baby Stay Asleep crib sheet on the mattress with the strips of Velcro at the raised end of the crib.

b) Place the bumpers onto the sheet matching the bumper Velcro strips with the vertical Velcro strips on the sheet.

3) Prepare your baby:

a) Place the wrapper on a safe surface with the soft Velcro strips side down.

b) Place your baby on his/her back on the wrapper with shoulder blades above top edge.

c) Wrap the material through the legs to the chest and fold side tabs up toward the chest secure on the Velcro.

4) To adjust sizing, undo snaps and fold up the flap on the front of the wrapper; then undo snaps between the legs on the outside of the wrapper to lengthen. Wrapper should fit comfortably but not too tight.

5) Settle your baby to sleep and then place your baby onto the Velcro on the center of the crib sheet aligning the wrap Velcro with horizontal Velcro on the sheet. If necessary, readjust bumpers for secure fit under the armpits and next to the torso.

6) Removing your baby: When your baby wakes up, remove the wrapper before taking him/her out of his/her crib.