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The Baby Stay Asleep was developed with love by a mother and Licensed Occupational Therapist. I have 20 years experience specializing in infants and children with developmental delays, reflux issues and other feeding concerns. I specialize in adaptive devices for activities of daily living.
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Desiree, AZ Baby Services
“As a Baby Nurse/ Newborn Care Specialist, I work with hundreds of families! I have tried every sleep positioner there is, only to find something wrong with each one I have used. I am so grateful I found the Baby Stay Asleep positioner. It is a very sturdy and secure. I elevated the crib to a 30* angle and tucked the baby into the product.” read more

Colleen M. from Phoenix, AZ
"I am completely satisfied with the "Babystayasleep" sleep positioner! My lil reflux rebel was moving all over his crib making it impossible to keep him in the correct position. We actually decided to remove the wedge that was holding up his mattress as a last effort and that turned into 3 nights of screaming because the reflux flared."
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How It Works

Infant Reflux

While most all babies spit up, some babies spit up more frequently and experience unusual discomfort that may be symptoms of a more serious condition. If you suspect your baby may suffer from acid reflux, the most important thing you can do is monitor your child's spit up behavior, especially after meals or snacks and during bedtime hours.

There are many symptoms of infant acid reflux. Your baby may have some or all of the following symptoms:
• Spits up frequently or more than an hour after feedings
• Vomiting, not related to colds or flu
• Appears colicky, irritable and/or cries more than most babies
• Has difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
• Likes to feed often and/or in small amounts; may refuse feedings
• Wet burp or wet hiccup sounds
• Bad breath
• Blood in stool

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Why Elevate the Crib?

After our son was diagnosed with reflux, our doctor recommended that we elevate the crib to decrease symptoms and improve sleep! Parents and Medical Professionals may recommend elevating the head of the crib for:
  • Infant Acid Reflux
  • Ear Infections
  • Colic
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Sleep problems
Read on for more information about why this is recommended and how it helps.